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Packaging is the
key for success of business

Packaging design plays a vital role in how a product is perceived by the consumers and the companies. As 80% of the purchases made by consumers are based on impulse, successful brands and companies lay greater emphasis to packaging design in their marketing mix as they know best packaging is as important as the product itself. Right packaging design should induce customers to look at the product and buy it.

According to us, a best packaging design should have following attributes:

Clear and simple

The design should clearly depict what the product it encapsulates and the brand behind it. It should be simple and yet distinctive

Original and Unique

A packaging design has to be original and unique to be able to stay in the minds of customers. Resemblance of any sort will confuse the customer

Shelf Influence

It should stand about and induce customer to pick when the packaging is placed over a shelf. The design has to be done with an understanding of how it will look when stacked in a shelf

Should be Extensible

The packaging design concept should be flexible enough for the company to introduce a new variant or product extension or sub brad in the same category.


More than anything the design has to fit the shape, size and utility of the product container. The design has to be practical and should not disturb the usability of the product. For instance, designing a tea dip package should keep the tea dust in such a way it should not spill from the package, loose its aroma or crispness, instead the tea should only dissolve when dipped in hot milk or water

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